Web design portfolio

A bit about how we build web sites:

All of our web sites are bespoke and developed specifically for your business needs. Unlike some companies, we we want to understand you and your business so we can create something of lasting value.

We design sites using the Adobe Creative Suite and code sites using XHTML and CSS. We try and avoid using tables on sites and prefer to use floats for layouts which helps search engines index content more easily. We use MySQL and PHP and code all sites ourselves.

Below are some examples of our most recent work. We also consult on projects where we don't take credit for the final work but the following web sites are projects that we have done in their entireity.



This is a fully hosted and content managed web solution for a local car business. It is a dynamic website working off the MySQL database and using PHP scripts with all code and content optimised for the search engines.

It is fully content managed using one of the best content managers on the market.

By having a content manager, the client is able to update content on the site, add as many pages as they like, add pictures, write a blog, and make adjustments whenever they like without incurring any costs.

We've used a Flash banner to grab the visitors attention which stresses the call to action - in this case it is a free phone telephone number.



This is a fully managed, bespoke web site for a printing business in West London. The brief was to build a simple, original site where clients were able to be notified of special offers and get a quote online. The code and content is clean and simple so the search engines will love it.

This site has been built in a way that means as the company generates more business from online enquiries, the site can be extended without too much of a problem. The benefits to customers of this site are immediate as it opens up a quick and easy way for customers to get quotes without having to pick up the phone.


AS Imaging web site by PKR Communications