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Customer focus - 10 questions to ask yourselfBetter marketing means happy customers

Our aim at PKR Comms is to deliver value to your business. This means putting your customer at the heart of everything you do.

So with every penny a client spends, the aim is to always ensure it's contributing to your bottom line and delivering tangible results.

Ask yourself the following and see whether there's anything you haven't thought of as yet.

1. Can I say with certainty that I really know what products my customers like, don't like and will like in a few months time?

2. Which of my promotional activities e.g. advertising/sales promotions/leaflet drops is working the best and why?

3. Where can I find new customers that will pay me more money for what I can offer?

4. Do I have a clear marketing agenda and is everyone in my business absolutely clear on where it is going?

5. What performance metrics have I set for employees when it comes to dealing with customers?

6. What other products and services can I offer my customers?

7. Did someone build my website just to look nice, or so that people searching for my products/services can find me?

8. Do I know which of my customers are the most profitable – and those that are not?

9. What are my main competitors up to – and why? And whilst we're at it, who exactly are my main competitors? What is my competitive position?

10. Am I spending my marketing budget on things that actually build value and deliver ROI?


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