Google analyses a property web site from an SEO perspective

Matt Cutts is one of the key Google bloggers who regularly talks about Google's indexing, algorithms and SEO topics.

The following link is a video Matt posted about search engine optimization. It's quite long and does go on a bit but it's well worth watching if you are unsure about what SEO is or what it can do for your business.

At around the 27 minute mark, Matt discusses a real estate web site and whether it is doing well or badly from an SEO perspective. I think many real estate web sites - particularly in the US are probably guilty of many of the things Matt talks about.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. Not using text for things that really should be in text so the search engines can read them
  2. Not providing unique content
  3. Not keeping the site updated with things related to property / real estate
  4. Not keeping traffic within the site itself (i.e. web sites within other web sites)

Remember, it's the world's expert talking here so if you aren't doing things as they say, then you're probably doing them wrong.

Here's the link to Matt's blog and his video was posted on June 4th 2010. I'd recommend subscribing to his blog because it's information direct from the horse's mouth!