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Web designers and developers in RadlettWeb design and web site designers in Radlett

PKR Communications is a web design agency in Radlett, Hertfordshire. We specialise in helping businesses build high quality, effective business solutions using the internet.

Your project is managed by a qualified marketing professional with many years experience in web design, development and internet communications.


Our web site projects in Radlett

We have several clients in the local area and are always looking to help local businesses with their internet needs.

We are currently building several business web sites from clients in the local area. These include an accountancy firm, a printing company and a car garage.

We can build your entire site for you - including planning the content, designing the site, coding the site, writing all the content which is optimised for search engines and help you market the site.


Why choose PKR Communications to build your web site?

We are marketing professionals with extensive experience in internet media and publishing. As part of our web design and development service, we'll help you evaluate your marketing problems and put solutions in to place.

A web site is not normally the only solution to a problem. Your web site should integrate well with your business, and not meeting the needs of your customers and stakeholders.


Cheap competition

We are well aware that some businesses offer websites very cheaply. Just do a Google search for "web designers in x" and you'll see lots of ads for "websites for £49.

Quite frankly, something just doesn't cost £49 if it's any good.

Website templates are not expensive to build but a good site takes time and effort to make it work well and populate it with relevant, useful content that your customers will find useful.

We believe a web site should be a true reflection of the quality of your business so if you believe you offer a good quality service and product, then an investment in a good web site should be your priority.


What your web site should do for your business in Radlett

Quite simply, a good quality web site should of course look great but customers look for more than a pretty design.

The advertising acronym DRIP is a good one to use here.

  • Differentiate your service : your web site should clearly set you apart from other competitors and products/services.

  • Reinforce your position : re-affirm to your customers your business credentials to offer a better service than your competitors i.e. why you are better than the other business down the road, your

  • Inform your customers : tell people what they don't know about your company. Inform them about your new products and new services. Bring special offers to their attention. Tell them the kind of projects you are working on.

  • Persuade them to buy : get customers to act in a way you want them to. E.g. call a free phone, sign up to a newsletter, book an appointment.

Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your needs in more detail