Web sites for small businesses and the trade

4 easy steps to a great new web site

Web sites are a great way to communicate your services to new customers who are searching for services online.

However, many self-employed people don’t have a space on the web to do this. We want to help get you up and running on the web, with a nice looking site where you can attract new business and show off your past work.


We can build you an inexpensive web site which includes your annual hosting cost, all design and development work and your web-address (if available). We'll show you how to use the site and get you up and running within a week.

If you want additional help like learning how to use Google for local business advertising, we can show you how too although this is an extra time commitment so we will charge a small fee.


A basic web site structure for a self-employed trades person:

  • Home page
  • Previous work page - a page where you can show off your previous work (a bit like this page)
  • Contact page - so potential customers can send you enquiries from your website to your inbox
  • Content manager System - so you can change details without incurring any additional costs
  • Google Analytics account so you can monitor visitors to your website from any advertising you may do.

    Fell free to contact us to discuss your needs.